Have you always wanted to learn an instrument but never knew who to ask? Or, are you ready for the next stage of your musical development? You have found the answer!

At Sydney Music Company, we are connected to a wealth of music teachers from across Sydney who are skilled and more than capable to help you achieve wildest dreams, and then go further! With many having studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, you can be comfortable knowing you are in the hands of the highest quality teachers to instruct you or your children.

Within our network, we provide teachers for Group or Individual lessons for the following; Piano Lessons, Violin Lessons, Viola Lessons, Cello Lessons, Double Bass Lessons, Trumpet Lessons, Saxophone Lessons, Clarinet Lessons, Flute Lessons, Singing Lessons, Guitar Lessons, as well as Percussion Lessons.

What’s more, just because they aren’t on our list doesn’t mean we can’t find you a teacher! So please, feel free to use our contact form to send us a message and we will find you a teacher or range of teachers to match your needs.

Thanks for using SMC where we are always happy to help you reach your musical potential!